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How to Set Your Golf Club Behind the Ball

By Andrew Smith

A bad golf swing could be the result of having bad posture before the swing begins. One way to avoid bad posture during a golf swing is to position your golf club head correctly behind the golf ball. By lining the club up properly, you can avoid attempting to compensate midswing, which could result in slicing or hooking your shot. Making a change in midswing even could result in a back, leg or shoulder injury.

Place the bottom, or sole, of the golf club head flat on the ground behind the golf ball.

Move the club so that the head of the club is directly behind the ball. There should be hardly any space between the club head and golf ball.

Position the club head so that the center of the club head is in line with the center of the golf ball.

Push the golf club away from your body slowly in a straight line until the part of the golf club farthest away from you is in line with the center of the golf club head. If you were looking directly at the club head for a right-handed golf club, the center of the golf ball should be directly in line with the center of the club head.

Get into position for your normal golf swing without moving the club head. This will put you in the proper position to begin your golf swing.

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