Senior Projects That Involve a Sport

By Ahmad Sadiq

Senior projects that involve sports and other athletic events are a good way to encourage young adults to be active while at the same time increasing team and school spirit. Encouraging seniors to develop their own projects will also support them in becoming involved in school and community activities. Sporting events are also a good way to treat seniors to a fun and healthy time for the four years of hard work they've put into being high school students.

Wellness Week

Seniors can be encouraged to create a wellness week for students at school. For example, they can create a program of sports activities for students in all other grade levels, scheduling competitions for different sports, relay races, and championships for all the events. While winning students receive prizes or certificates, the most important goal should be teaching them to be healthy. Moreover, they can learn valuable lessons of teamwork and management before they make their way to life as college students.

Alumni Game

Current seniors can work on a project where they organize a sporting event in which they face off against the most recent graduating class of their school. This will encourage the senior class to work together as a team. Moreover, the seniors will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with recent graduates who have some experience with college life. This will give them the chance to learn how to network and create long-lasting professional relationships.

Community Awareness

Seniors can work on projects that require them to do some good for the community and enjoy the fruits of their labor. If the local community has a rundown baseball or basketball court, the senior class can be encouraged to fix up the play area and then organize a community event where all residents can come and participate in a sporting event to celebrate the newly renovated facility.

Reliving an Important Victory

A high school that takes pride in one of its major sports teams can teach seniors about the history of the school by reenacting an important sports victory. To build morale, students can be encouraged to play out a sporting event that's been an anchor of the school's athletic program. This type of project will allow students to get to know their school better.

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