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How to Sell a Pool Table

By Mike Andrew

Selling your pool table will clear a large amount of space in your home and put extra cash in your pocket. Many people look to buy used pool tables because it is often much cheaper to buy a used table than to invest in a new one. There are several effective methods of selling a pool table.

Step 1

List your pool table for sale online through Ebay or Craigslist. Craigslist is free, but Ebay charges a fee to list the item and takes a percentage of the final sale price as commission.

Step 2

Ask the proprietor of your local pool hall if you can post a flyer advertising your pool table. Many business owners will let you advertise it for free, while others may ask for a percentage of the sale. Make a flyer that displays a picture of the pool table, the asking price and your contact information. Post several copies of the flyer in prominent locations throughout the pool hall.

Step 3

Sell your pool table through a company specializing in the location and sale of pool tables such as Used-pooltable.com or Pro Billiards. Pro Billiards charges a fee to help you sell a pool table. Used-pooltable.com allows you to post a classified ad free for 30 days, but charges $2.99 if you want to extend the ad to 60 days and $1.99 to make your ad a “featured ad". A "featured ad" on Used-pooltable.com increases availability in search engines and protects the buyer of the pool table with a money-back guarantee.

Step 4

Advertise your pool table in the classified section of your local newspaper. Consult your local paper’s classified ad department for any applicable fees associated with posting an ad.

Step 5

List the pool table in the “For Sale” section of the community forum at AZBilliards.com. AZBilliards.com is an online network of resources serving the pool-playing community. You can register for free access to the forums by visiting AZBilliards.com and clicking “Register.” Provide your birthdate and email address, create a username and password, and click “Complete Registration.” Contact the forum administrator if you need help formatting your sales listing.

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