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How to Score in Football

By Contributor

Football is the most popular sport in America, drawing millions of spectators and viewers each game, every season. It is a complex game with lots of rules to keep the game both safe and exciting. It can be difficult to understand everything that happens from play to play, but knowing how to score in the game is easy. People who choose to play football--whether tackle, flag or two-hand touch--are going to need to know what to do to score. Read on to learn how to score in football.

Score a touchdown. This is the primary way to score in football. A touchdown is a goal in which a player takes the football over the final line of the field into the end zone. In official games, the end zone begins at the white marking at the point where the teams' logos are painted on the field. A touchdown can occur by passing it to a player in the end zone or by running into it. Touchdowns are worth six points.

Kick a field goal. A field goal is when one player, known as the kicker, is tasked with kicking the ball between the "uprights" of the goal post at the center of the end zone. If the ball misses to the left or the right, or if it sails underneath the uprights, then the field goal is missed and no points are earned. If the kick is "good," then the kicking team gains three points.

Kick an extra point after a touchdown. This is a chance at one extra point awarded to the team that has scored a touchdown. The kicker attempts to kick the ball through the uprights in the same manner as scoring a field goal.

Try for the two-point conversion. On a play in which you would be kicking for the extra point (after the touchdown), pass or run the ball into the end zone instead. If you succeed then you earn two points instead of just one for the extra point kick.

Get a "safety." A safety is a play in which you tackle an opposing player in your own end zone. Try to do this on a play in which you blitz the quarterback for the best chances of success.

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