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Run-Through Banner Ideas

By Izzy Barden

Before major sporting events, particularly in high school and college, it is often customary for the team to break through a paper banner when entering the field or arena. Generally, it is the responsibility of the cheerleaders and mascots to hold the paper on either side while the home team runs through it. The act is meant to simulate an intimidating surprise on the away team, and often the design drawn on the paper is just as important as the symbolism of bursting through it.

Team Name/Mascot and Signatures

Drawing either the team name or the mascot, such as a red bird if your team happens to be the Cardinals, on the banner will act as a precursor to displaying the actual team. Before the game, consider having each player sign the banner to add to the effect. It denotes a certain level of pride for your Alma Mater, and though a somewhat generic idea, it is the simplest way of proclaiming who you are as a team.

Brick Wall

A team bursting through a paper banner drawn to mirror the appearance of a brick wall denotes a level of strength and conviction required to win the game. The task of drawing dozens of stacked bricks may become somewhat arduous and repetitive, but the detail you put into the dimensions of the bricks will raise the quality and effectiveness of the imagery. You can also choose to have each player sign specific bricks to add a personal touch.

Motto or Quote

A motto or quote banner is a single word or sentence attributed either to your specific team or to sports in general. You can choose generic quotes or a specific motto indicative to your team, provided your team has a slogan or mantra. For example, you can use "Best served cold" if you are out for revenge against a team that beat you in a previous game. Also, consider drawing the letters in the alternating colors of your team.

Beautiful Day Ruined

A "Beautiful Day Ruined" banner works best with coinciding music. A banner, displaying beautiful imagery, such as a bright sun, green fields and happy creatures, can be held as pretty and melodic music plays. As the team rips through the paper, the music should shift to a fast and energetic battle song, as though your team has descended upon the other team like a dark cloud on their otherwise beautiful and pleasant day.

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