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The Best Running Shoes for Large Men

By Ron Brow

There are many things to consider when buying running shoes, and these are doubly important when considering shoes for a larger man.The amount of force put on the heels during each stride is equal to about three times the weight of the runner. Runners' most common injuries are to the knees, ankles and backs, and a heavier runner is going to experience more strain on their feet and joints. For runners slight and large, proper shoes are crucial.

Brooks Beast

The Brooks Beast is specially designed for heavier runners, and provides a very high level of support as well as stability for heavier runners. Another benefit of the Brooks Beast is that it provides motion control. Most heavier runners overpronate, or roll their feet inward on each stride, which can cause a number of knee injuries to the knees. The motion-control the Beast provides helps correct overpronation. The Brooks Beast is a fairly rigid shoe, so it is not recommended for lighter runners, but is perfect for a bigger man.

The Asics Gel Foundation 8

The Asics Gel Foundation 8 is similar to the Brooks Beast in that it provides motion control and very high levels of stability and cushioning. The main difference is that it is slightly softer and less rigid. There is also a memory-foam sock liner, which provides greater comfort than the Brooks Beast. Like the Brooks Beast, this shoe is not ideal for lighter runners.

The Nike Air Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus is an ideal shoe for a neutral, but larger runner. In this case, neutral means the runner does not have the tendency to overpronate. Not all larger men overpronate -- in fact, some underpronate, which means their feet roll outward -- so wearing a shoe that encourages the foot to roll outward would do more damage than good. The Nike Air Pegasus is for those who generally run smoothly but still and need the extra cushioning and support because of their larger frame. The Air Pegasus has an air-cushioning system that is designed to last longer than traditional supports, which is especially important for larger men, who tend to wear out shoes quicker than lighter runners.

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