How to Run at Home Without a Treadmill

By Rob Harris

You don't have to lose out on the health benefits of running just because you don't want to take up space in your house or endure the expenditure of a treadmill. While you won't eat up as many calories as you do running outdoors or on the treadmill, running in your house and yard gives you a calorie-burning workout without the need for special exercise equipment.

Step 1

Clear a safe area in your home for running. To run in place, you don't need a large area, just one big enough for you to move around slightly and lift your knees without bumping a wall or furniture. If your house layout permits -- such as a house with rooms laid out in a circle pattern with no sharp turns -- clear a path through several rooms with no clutter on the floor.

Step 2

Put on a good pair of running shoes. These support your feet and help align your hips and legs as you run.

Step 3

Run in place or along your cleared path for your preferred duration. When running at home, you don't have to finish your workout at one time; if 30 minutes is your goal, squeeze it in during three 10-minute running sessions. A 155-pound person who runs in place for an hour can burn 211 calories. Swing your arms vigorously while running to raise your heart rate faster and burn some extra calories.

Step 4

Watch TV while running to keep your mind occupied, or play a running video game. Some in-home video game systems have running games that you can hook up to your TV, allowing you to visualize different trails while running in place.

Step 5

Add intensity to your indoor running by adding light hand weights. Hold them in your hands while you swing your arms as you run, or perform arm-strengthening moves such as lateral shoulder raises, overhead presses and biceps curls. Make sure you are comfortable and well-balanced while running in place before adding weighted arm movements.

Step 6

Take short runs up and down the stairs, if your house has them. Pause at the top and bottom to jog in place to catch your breath if necessary. NBC News reports that running stairs for seven minutes every day could lower your chance of heart disease by 60 percent.

Step 7

Run sprints in your yard. Get some fresh air when the weather allows and run back and forth across your yard. Start with an explosive burst of speed, then keep it up as best you can to the other side of the yard. Pause to touch the ground, then race back to the starting line. Repeat up to 10 times before taking a break.

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