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5K Run Goodie Bag Ideas

By Lynn Peterson

Short training times, supportive atmospheres and the proliferation of events have made the 5K run quite popular. Even though runner's generally come for the camaraderie and the challenge, receiving a goodie bag at the end of their run is a great bonus. Whether it's a charity run or a sponsored event, your goodie bags can be filled with mementos and treats that leave the runners feeling not only accomplished but appreciated.


Race goodie bags are given to each participant of a 5K run or run/walk upon registration. The bags usually provide valuable race information, sponsor recognition and event-specific giveaways. But that's just where you start. Prevail upon your local merchants to provide treats or coupons for your goodie bags. It's advertising for them and enjoyable for your runners.

Commemorative Items

Sponsored 5K goodie bags typically include a commemorative clothing item from the event, such as a T-shirt, pair of shorts or a hat. Some races are getting more creative with their giveaways, offering items such as sweat-wicking socks, towels, wristbands or drawstring bags. Sponsor logos can be placed on the items.

Nutrition Supplements

Goodie bags give runners the opportunity to sample electrolyte supplements and endurance boosters that they might not normally purchase. Bottled water or sports drink mixes are also appropriate.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG


Literature from event sponsors can be incorporated, as can a flier with next year’s event information. Coupons to local running or athletic equipment stores are well-received. A course map, check-in reminders and information about post-race events should also be included.

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