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How to Run a Faster 100M

By Philip Foster

While the 100-meter dash does not require the stamina of long distance events, it does demand balance and speed. Jamaican born Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100-meter dash at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Usain broke his own Olympic record in August 2009, clocking in at 9.58 seconds. Improving your 100-meter time requires dedication and the proper training techniques.

Warm up with some tuck jumps. Spread your feet shoulder-length apart. Lower yourself into a crouched position. Extend your legs while jumping vertically. Lift your knees as high as you can to maximize the air time of the jump. Perform two sets of six tuck jumps.

Stand with your feet parallel to one of the lines on the running track. Place your running shoes side by side. Jump quickly back and forth over the line to increase your foot speed. Extend your arms to add balance during this high-speed training drill. Execute the line hop drill for three to five minutes.

Move on to a plyometric drill to increase your sprinting power and the length of your stride. Begin jogging at a medium speed. Lunge forward off your back foot while extending your lead foot forward. Land onto your lead foot and repeat the forward lunge. Practice this exaggerated motion to improve the speed of your sprinting technique. Perform two sets of six lunges.

Place two cones 100 yards apart on a straight section of the running track. Stand behind the first cone. Begin jogging at a medium speed. Increase your momentum to a full sprint as you reach the 50-yard mark. Continue the sprint until you pass the second cone. Practice the accelerated sprint drill to increase your power endurance.

Place your hands shoulder-length apart onto the track in front of you. Rest the bottoms of your shoes against the angled starting blocks. Make sure your dominant foot has been positioned on the forward block. Extend your legs while propelling yourself forward into a short sprint. Practice these motions for five to 10 minutes to improve the speed of your starting technique.

Allow ample recovery time between each sprint to prevent muscle damage. Perform this series of speed training drills on a daily basis to gradually increase the speed of your 100-meter dash. Fasten a pair of small leg weights around your ankles. Execute slow-paced jogs to build the strength of your leg muscles.

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