How to Roll a Composite Bat

By Nicole Fotheringham

Bat rolling is a process whereby a composite bat is evenly shaved. The reason players roll a bat is to expedite the breaking-in process. Rolling a bat ensures that the whole shaft of the bat is broken in evenly, rather than the patchy compression that occurs when hitting a ball. Rolled bats perform better and are supposed to increase the batter's distance. Rolling a bat will result in the same compression as hitting a ball 500 times.

Remove the end cap. Heat the end cap with the heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Place the screwdriver between the end cap and the shaft and hit gently with the hammer. Tap the end cap all the way around until it comes off.

Place the bat on a lathe and shave it evenly along the length of the shaft. Remove 1 to 2 ozs. of the bat's weight during the shaving process.

Collect the bat shavings and place them in the end cap. Use the hammer to gently hammer on the end cap. The added weight in the end cap will help you hit the ball farther thanks to enhanced inertia.

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