Rock 'n Roll Stepper Instructions

By Tom Becker

Famed television infomercial host Tony Little has made his name selling exercise equipment of all kinds. The Rock 'n Roll Stepper is one piece of Tony Little exercise equipment whose use might not immediately be clear. It resembles a conventional step exercise machine but with a few minor differences. You can use the Rock 'n Roll Stepper by following some basic safety measures and the correct exercise technique.

Step 1

Position the Rock 'n Roll Stepper on an even floor surface in front of a wall.

Step 2

Place your hands firmly against the wall to help you balance while using the Rock 'n Roll Stepper.

Step 3

Place a foot evenly over each of the black foot rests on the Rock 'n Roll Stepper.

Step 4

Shift your weight from side to side, allowing one foot to lower while the other rises. The motion should resemble stair climbing

Step 5

Move in the side-to-side stair climbing fashion until you feel comfortable enough to let go of the wall. Allow your arms to pump at your sides as you would while jogging.

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