How to Use an Electric Bike

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Using an electric bike is just like riding a regular bike with a few perks. Electric bikes give you that little boost needed to make it up a hill, and they help you travel longer distances. Here are a few tips on using an electric bike.

Adjust the seat to fit your body size. The seat should be high enough that your legs are slightly bent when you are in the down stroke of pedaling. Balance and comfort are the keys to enjoying the ride.

Be sure the battery is fully charged. Then turn on the power switch.

Begin pedaling, as this will conserve the battery charge. It takes a lot of battery power to start from a dead stop. Use the electric feature only when you need to get up a tough incline or simply need a break from pedaling.

Engage the battery power by using the throttle on the handle bars. It will disengage when you quit pedaling or take your hand off the throttle. Some bikes have pedal-activated power, which engages when you are riding up a steep incline.

To increase your speed, first pedal to your desired speed and then engage the throttle. This will conserve your battery power for those tough hills. For pedal-activated bikes, the power will automatically engage when you begin the incline.

Apply brakes to slow down or stop.

Turn off the power switch when done riding.

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