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How to Ride a Bicycle

By Contributor

Riding a bicycle is easy. A lot of people choose to ride for exercise or to save money on gas, but there are many safety factors that apply to riding a bike. When you ride a bicycle it is important to be comfortable, dress properly and be aware of your surroundings. The most important thing to remember when riding your bicycle is to have fun and never give up.

Dress for safety. Even though many states don't require wearing helmets as a law, it is always wise to wear a helmet to avoid injury in case of an accident.

Adjust the bike to fit you comfortably. The seat should be high enough so that your knee is slightly bent when you peddle downwards.

Start by putting your right foot on the right pedal, with your left foot on the ground. Simultaneously push the pedal with your right foot and push off the ground with your left. Bring your left foot immediately onto the pedal.

Keep the handlebars straight ahead and begin pedaling. Balance yourself as you pedal. Go as far as you can, then turn around and try again. Just practice going straight ahead until you get the hang of it.

Learn to turn the handlebars. Once you have the balance mastered, you can begin steering. Turn in small increments at first, as the farther you turn, the harder it is to balance.

Begin slow and be patient. Your endurance to speed and distance will grow the more you ride.

Obey street signs and riding etiquette. Stop at stop signs. Signal when turning. Ride on the right and inform a walker or a slower rider that you are behind them and that you are preparing to pass them.

Be alert and prepared at all times. Bicycling is a pretty quiet ride and many may not hear you coming, so watch for cars backing out of driveways or children playing

Maintain your bike when not in use. Check your brakes. Clean the frame and adjust the seat and handles to ensure that your bike will work correctly for future rides.

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