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How to Get Rid of Blood Clots in the Leg Naturally

By Ryan McAlister ; Updated July 27, 2017

The removal of a blood clot deep in the leg requires blood thinning medication and sometimes surgery. While you can't remove the blood clots naturally, there are natural treatments that can be done at home to help ease the symptoms caused by the clots, including pain and swelling. These methods are often used while taking blood thinners and can be used as the primary treatment for superficial blood clots, which are blood clots in the veins just below the skin.

Stand as little as possible. Having your legs below you will only add to the pressure and discomfort that you are experiencing.

Sit or lie down with the affected leg elevated on a chair or pillow. This works in conjunction with step 1. Having your legs above your heart will ease the pressure and pain.

Hold a warm compress on the affected leg for as long as necessary to ease the pain. This can be done while relaxing or even sleeping.

Compress the leg by wrapping tightly with an ace bandage, brace or special stockings.

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