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How to Restring a PSE Compound Bow

By Joanna Swanson

PSE manufactures five different compound bow lines comprising a total of 41 bows. To properly maintain a compound bow, you should change the string at least once a year or every 5,000 shots. To change the string in a compression bow, use a bow press. Two types are available; the compression-type press or the pull-type press. A compression press pushes against the limbs horizontally, relieving the tension on the string. A pull-type press pulls the riser between rollers vertically to relieve the tension on the string.


Measure the distance between the string and where the top limb meets the riser and where the bottom limb meets the riser. Write down this measurement for later.

Measure the distance between the peep sight down to the top of the string loop. Write this down as well.

Using the marker, mark the cam on both sides of the limb. This allows you to make sure that the cam gets put back in place after changing the string. Mark or write down to which peg the string is attached so you are sure the draw weight stays the same.

Place Bow in Bow Press

Before placing the bow into the bow press, loosen the limb bolts four turns from the bottom setting.

Place the bow into the bow press. A compression press should contact the bow on the limb just below the idler wheel and the cam; a pull press should contact the bow on the riser as close to the limb as possible. The limb rollers should touch the limb at least four inches from the limb pocket but not so far up that the limbs will roll out of the rollers.

Apply tension to the bow just until the bow string becomes loose. Do not over-loosen.

Replace String

Remove the old string and cable. Compare the length of the new cable to the old cable and the new string to the old string to verify that you have the correct string length.

Attach the new cable to the axle at the top of the limb. Thread it between the limb fork and around the outside of the cam. Place the other end on the cable peg.

Wrap the new string around the outside and under the cam, through the limb forks and back through the slot. Hook it on the proper peg; run it across the bow to the other limb and around the outside of the idler wheel. Thread the string down through the limb forks. Cross the string and cable either before the cable slide and then thread the string through the slide or thread the string through the slide and then cross it with the cable. Wrap the string back around the outside of the cam and hook it on its marked peg. Loop the string around and place it in the track.

Check the cam position and change if necessary. Release the pressure on the press and remove the bow. Check the measurements and make sure they are the same. Make adjustments as necessary.

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