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How to Reset Schwinn 12 Bicycle Computer

By Matthew Ferguson

The Schwinn 12 bicycle computer features an array of functions. These functions, including speed, distance and time, offer the cyclist valuable feedback and information when riding. If you’re installing the Schwinn 12 bicycle computer for the first time or have just replaced the battery, the computer will need to be reset and calibrated in order to work properly.

Step 1

Press and hold both left and right buttons simultaneously for two seconds. The unit will automatically switch to wheel size input mode.

Step 2

Figure your wheel size to be inputted. Wheel size input is figured for the Schwinn 12 bicycle computer by multiplying the diameter of your wheel in millimeters by 3.1416. The diameter of the wheel will be stamped on the sidewall of your tire. It will be the larger of the two numbers. Convert this figure to millimeters if it is not already.

Step 3

Input the above calculation into the computer by first pressing the left button to activate digit selection. Press the right button to adjust to the desired digit. Holding the right button will cause the cursor to advance.

Step 4

Press the left button again to activate kilometer/mile function. This function will allow you to choose how the computer displays distance. Press the right button to make your choice and then the left button to confirm. The Schwinn 12 bicycle computer is now reset and properly calibrated to your wheel size.

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