How to Replace a Shimano Ultegra Brake Hood

By Matthew Ferguson

Produced by Shimano, Ultegra is a collection of performance-oriented road bike components. The series includes a set of dual-purpose hand controls that are used to operate both braking and shifting. Each Shimano Ultegra hand control is fitted with a rubber hood. The hood protects the control while also offering a comfortable perch for the hands. Hoods are replaced if worn or damaged.

Ultegra Brake Hood Removal

Fold the back of the Shimano Ultegra brake hood forward, toward the front of the bicycle.

Push from the back of the hood, forcing the hood forward and away from the hand control.

Slide the hood down the brake lever and off the bike entirely.

Ultegra Brake Hood Replacement

Note the "R" and "L" stamps on either side of the replacement brake hood. Standing for "right and "left" respectively, the letters designate which direction each side of the hood should face. Position the hood accordingly before attempting installation.

Fold the rear of the hood forward toward the front.

Slide the rear of the hood over the brake lever and onto the body of the Shimano Ultegra hand control.

Pull the hood back gradually over the hand control, like pulling on a sock.

Unfold the hood. Check that the tabs on the side of the hood fit against the tabs on the hand control. Adjust the hood, as needed, until all tabs are aligned.


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