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How to Replace Baskets on Ski Poles

By Contributor

Oftentimes while skiing, the basket at the bottom of a ski pole will break, making the pole ineffective. Instead of buying new poles, pop the broken basket off and put a new one on.

Buy a new basket at a ski store. Baskets are universal to poles and they are cheap.

Get a friend or a vice to secure your pole.

Place an adjustable crescent wrench directly on top of the old basket, or whatever is left of the old basket and tighten the wrench so it's a little wider than the ski pole.

Whack the wrench as close to the pole as possible, with a downward swing from a rubber mallet. Repeat until the basket slides off.

Flip your pole upside down and place the new basket on.

Place the wrench on top of the basket and gently tap the wrench with a mallet, until the basket is snug on the pole. For this step the pole will remain upside down.

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