How to Repair Gamo Air Guns

By Charles Poole

The Gamo pellet rifle is generally used for sport shooting or getting rid of pests around the home. The Gamo pellet rifle uses a .117-caliber pellet as ammunition. If you are having problems with your Gamo pellet rifle, there are a few things that you can do before you take it into a repair shop. Gamo pellet rifles use break-barrel action to store air. When the trigger is pulled, the air is released and shoots the pellet through the barrel.

Step 1

Unload the rifle before you start to diagnose the problems with the gun. Pull the barrel down from the end to break the action. Make sure there are no pellets in the pellet chamber. Cock the gun and point it in a safe direction. Fire the rifle to make sure that it is discharged.

Step 2

Use a gun-cleaning kit to clean any debris out of the barrel. Break the action again and spray bore cleaner onto a cleaning rod. Push the cleaning rod from the tip of the barrel through the break of the rifle. Pull the cleaning rod out to remove any debris from the barrel. If there is debris in the barrel, your gun will not shoot accurately.

Step 3

Use a gun oil to remove the rust from the gun's metal parts. Spray the gun oil onto a cloth and rub the rust off of the metal. Rust can corrode the gun. It can also cause problems with the trigger mechanism and the break on the bore.

Step 4

Pull the trigger back to the firing position and spray gun oil into the trigger mechanism to lubricate it. If the trigger mechanism is rusty, the trigger will not have a smooth action and firing problems may result.

Step 5

Check the safety on the gun. Press in the safety on the bottom of the trigger. Try to pull the trigger. If the safety does not work, take the gun to a repair shop.

Step 6

Take your gun to a repair shop if the pneumatic system is not working. The pneumatic system stores the air used to shoot the pellet.

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