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How to Repair a Compound Bow

By Contributor

Any sporting archer needs to understand a few fundamentals about repairing their compound bow. With some common sense and the right tools you will find this can save you when it's time to go to the woods and the sporting goods store is shut down. You must keep in mind that the repair you make needs to be appropriate or you could be putting yourself at risk. Read on to learn more.

Make sure you stow your bow properly in order to avoid the need for field repairs. Proper maintenance is ninety percent of the battle when it comes to outdoor hunting equipment.

Check the tension in your compound bow string to make sure it is properly adjusted. This is a common problem for bows left unused for a protracted period of time.

Adjust the string tension with an Allen wrench. This simple tool is indispensable for making a field repair on your compound bow.

Check the cams on your compound bow if you find the string tension remains slack. If the cams show signs of resistance you may be able to add some light lubricant and adjust the appropriate bolts.

Inspect the bow limbs for signs of cracking or splitting. This is a potentially dangerous problem and the repair must be made by a skilled professional.

Remember that a great deal of compound bow repair is simply a matter of tinkering; however, realize too that unauthorized work on the bow may invalidate your warranty.

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