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How to Repair a Bike Seat

By Contributor

If you own a mountain bike, a road bike or a normal bicycle, you know you have to have it repaired and maintained from time to time. If you have a bicycle seat in need of repair, you can usually take care of it yourself. The following steps will show you how to repair a bicycle seat that is damaged or loose.

Tighten the bolt on the seat post of your bicycle seat if your seat is wobbly. You may need to replace this bolt if it is rusted out or stripped.

Remove the bicycle seat completely if it has rips and tears in it or it is uncomfortable and replace it. You can purchase seats such as the Derri-Air bicycle seats that are comfortable, can be adjusted for firmness and are easy to mount no matter what seat you currently have.

Adjust the pitch angle of your seat if it is uncomfortable. You can have it level, leaning forward or leaning backward depending upon what is more comfortable for you. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the bolt on the seat post to adjust the angle.

Tighten the tension on the cover of the seat if the seat has one and it is loose. If it has 2 straps underneath the seat attached with a hook, release it from the hook and tighten, then re-hook the straps.

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