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How to Rent Basketball Hoops

By Kelly Nuttall

If you have a need or a desire to play basketball seriously or just for fun, or if you are having a sports-themed party and need one as a game piece, then there are two ways to rent basketball hoops. One way is to rent a portable hoop and take it home. The other way is to rent the space at a local gym or sporting club where the court and hoops are already provided.

Call your local sporting goods store. It will either have the service available to customers to rent the hoops or it will know someone who does.

Using your favorite search engine, search for "rentable basketball hoops" and be sure to specify the area that you live in. For example, in Salt Lake City you can rent or use the facilities of Backyard Adventures (listed in resources section below).

Call your local party store or events store. Because sports is a very common theme for birthday parties and other sport celebrations, many rent out the portable basketball hoops. For nationwide assistance on finding a party store that specifically caters to the sports fanatic, visit partypop.com on the web.

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