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How to Remove Oil From a Bowling Ball

By Kate Taylor

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, oils, including the oil used to lubricate the bowling lane and oil from your hands when you touch the ball, can have a negative impact on your game. Maintaining a bowling ball that is free of oils is an excellent way to give yourself a slight advantage over your competition. Clean your bowling ball effectively and efficiently to avoid doing further damage to the ball and disrupting your game even further.

Step 1

Obtain a United States Bowling Congress approved bowling ball cleaner, by reviewing the United State Bowling Congress' list of approved cleaners and choosing the brand that works best for you. The list includes 10 pages of approved cleaners that the organization has deemed effective and appropriate. By choosing an approved cleaner, you can help ensure that your cleaner doesn't do damage to the surface of your ball.

Step 2

Purchase an oil-free bowling ball towel. Read the packaging on the bowling ball towel to ensure that no oil is used when creating the towel or rag. Carry this oil-free bowling ball towel with you in your bowling bag so that it can be used throughout the match.

Step 3

Wipe down your bowling ball in between each and every shot. This will help ensure that your bowling ball is functioning at its optimum level before each turn. Begin with one side of the bowling ball and gently scrub every side of the ball to get an even clean.

Step 4

Spray your ball after each match -- or more often if you feel it is necessary -- with the United States Bowling Congress approved ball cleaner you chose. Lightly remove the spray from the ball using your oil-free towel to ensure that no residue is left behind.

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