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How to Remove the Governor From an EZ-GO Golf Cart

By Tammy Bronson

The EZ-GO golf cart is a slow ride on the golf course, by design. There are various types of speed governors, but the most common is the spring-load governor located on the carburetor. Other types of speed governors include the clutch/throttle combo and the spark regulator. The EZ-GO cart has the spring-load speed governor. To remove the speed governor is to increase the miles per hour the golf cart can go. The speed governor is a safety feature allowing people of all ages to drive a golf cart safely.

Step 1

Find the acceleration system on the golf cart between the seat and the engine. Determine if the governor is separate from the ignition switch. The EZ-GO golf cart has the governor separate from the ignition switch.

Step 2

Look on the carburetor for a spring. The spring attaches to the governor on the carburetor.

Step 3

Twist the screw on the accelerator cable that attaches to the spring so that the cable gets longer. When the accelerator cable gets longer, the spring is no longer able to control the gas pedal, giving the golf cart extra speed.

Step 4

Cut the wires to the governor to disconnect. Wrap electrical tape around the ends of the two cut wires going into the carburetor. Twist a connector over the electrical tape on the ends of the wires. Remove the governor.

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