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How to Remove Golf Spikes That Are Stuck

By Sean Drapac

When golf spikes become old and worn out, they need to be exchanged for newer ones to provide a solid stance when golfing. Rust, dirt and stripping can all make a golf spike difficult to remove. To remove those stubborn golf spikes, all you need is a few simple items and a little bit of work, and you will be back on the golf course with a new set of spikes.

How to Remove Stuck Golf Spikes

Clean any dirt that is built up on the bottom of the golf shoes. Clap the two shoes together to shake off loose dirt and debris. Use the brush to clean as much dirt as you can around the stuck spike.

Spray the stuck spike with WD-40, getting it all around the spike and onto the threads if you can.

Use the spike wrench tool to twist off the spike.

Grip the spike with needle-nose pliers and twist or pull it off if you are unable to remove the spike with the spike wrench tool.

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