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How to Remove Bat End Cap

By Sharon Hadrian

There are several legitimate reasons that players may need to remove a bat's end cap: To clean debris from inside the barrel, to replace a damaged end cap or to create a weighted training bat. However, removing a bat's end cap is also a telltale sign of bat doctoring, which is illegal in most baseball and softball leagues. These players remove the end cap to enhance a bat's performance by end-loading or shaving inside the barrel.

Place the tip of the screwdriver in the gap between the end cap and the bat.

Hit the end of the screwdriver with the mallet to wedge the screwdriver into the gap. Do not hit the screwdriver too hard or drive it too deep into the gap.

Push on the screwdriver and use it as a lever to lift the edge of the end cap.

Move the screwdriver 90 degrees around the end cap and repeat the process, carefully pulling the edges of the end cap out of the bat.

Pop the end cap out of the barrel using the screwdriver.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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