How to Remove Basketball Goals

By Dustin Thornton

Basketball goals are a wonderful addition to any house; however, after years of use you may wish to remove the basketball goal and dispose of it. Whether you simply wish to replace the goal with a new model or you wish to no longer use the goal, removal can be a tedious process and is better suited as a two-person job. Removal requires several hand tools, and you should be certain to take the recommended precautions to reduce the risk of injury during the process.

Place a ladder next to the basketball goal so that you can reach the top of the goal. Climb the ladder and remove the bolts securing the basketball hoop from the top of the goal, with a wrench. Set the hoop aside.

Remove the bolts securing the backboard to the basketball pole, using a wrench. Ask a partner to help you, as the backboard can often be heavy and unmanageable by yourself. Set the backboard aside.

Clear any objects away from the basketball pole in a 15-foot radius, if possible. Wrap a 10-foot length of rope or chain around the basketball pole approximately 4 feet from the bottom of the goal.

Put on safety glasses and leather gloves and cut the basketball pole approximately six inches from the bottom using a power saw. Have a partner leverage the goal in a certain direction while you cut it using the chain. Be sure to leverage the goal away from any objects that it could fall on and damage such as driveways, vehicles or buildings.

Pull the goal down as you cut through the pole until you've completely separated the pole from the 6-inch stump. Cut the pole up into smaller individual pieces approximately 1 to 2-feet long. This makes disposal easier.

Break up the concrete around the pole stump using a sledgehammer or jackhammer.

Shovel out the broken concrete and dispose of it. Continue breaking up the concrete until you can remove the remains of the pole from the ground. Fill the in hole with dirt or cement for safety purposes.

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