How to Remember Something You Lost Through Self Hypnosis

By MaryFenton

Self hypnosis is very similar to meditation in its process. It is way of getting past your ego, and talking directly to your subconscious. If you have lost or forgotten something, there are often times road blocks in our minds that will not allow us to access the information. The information is there, just not accessible. Talking directly to the subconscious gives you a way to get past the road blocks and uncover the lost object or memory.

The Process

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. In the beginning, you may want to try sitting as lying down may make it too easy to actually fall asleep, and you want to stay awake the whole time.

Clear your mind, and talk yourself into a relaxed state. You can do this by repeating a mantra as you would in meditation, or by visualizing a peaceful image. Concentrate on your breath, and breathe deeply.

Make sure your entire body is relaxed. You can do this by traveling through your body from head to toe. Relax each muscle as you go. Relax your toes, your legs, your arms, your fingers, your shoulders, your face, and everything in between. You may think you are completely relaxed, but as you go through every body part you are likely to find a muscle somewhere that you are gripping. Let them all go.

Count backwards from twenty. Visualize that you are at the top of the staircase, and as you count down each number, descend one stair. Once you reach the bottom of the staircase, or zero, you should be completely relaxed.

Repeat to yourself your desire to improve your memory. Ask yourself to remove the blockage that is keeping you from remembering what it is your are looking for. If it is an object, visualize the object. If it is a memory, visualize the memory or circumstance. Repeat these thoughts and messages over and over again. The power of suggestion is very strong in this state.

Give yourself post-hypnotic suggestions, such as suggesting a certain time when you will be able to access the memory. For example, tell yourself that when you getting dressed in the morning you will remember.

Suggest to yourself that you will come back to full awareness quickly and easily. Open your eyes, and give yourself a moment to wake up.


Be patient with yourself and this process. It could take a number of tries before reaching the truly relaxed state.

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