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How to Regrip a Baseball Bat

By Eric Michaels

A sound grip on your bat can make the difference between effective hitting and completely missing the ball. You should hold the handle of the bat primarily in your fingers. A solid grip will give you the ability to do this without squeezing too hard on the handle. You should pretend you are holding a small bird in your hands. A light grip keeps the muscles of the hands prepared for action.

Mark where your original grip ends. Draw a light pencil mark around the end of the grip. Remove the old grip, unwinding it or using a pair of scissors to cut it away.

Clean the handle. Use adhesive remover to make sure the surface is smooth for your new grip.

Sit in a room with carpeting or a rug to provide a non-slip surface for the top of the bat. Put the bat between your legs and hold the top between your feet.

Unwind your grip tape. Start by wrapping the grip tape from just below the knob. You want to wrap at a slight angle, removing the adhesive paper as you press the tape firmly against the bat's surface.

Keep tension on the grip as you wind it down the bat. Work your way down until you reach your pencil mark. Stop at the pencil mark and cut the extra length off with scissors. Wrap electrical tape on the top and bottom edges of the grip tape to provide a clean edge. This will prevent the grip tape from peeling off.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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