How to Refurbish Basketballs

By Irving Oala

Basketballs are relatively hardy if they are only dribbled on basketball courts or smoother surfaces and kept out of the rain. However, like all balls, they can break down over time, falling apart or deflating. While buying a new basketball may seem like the easiest option, the old ball can actually be refurbished and used again.

Step 1

With a clean rag, apply leather repair protection cream to the old cracked leather on the basketball. Gently rub this leather protection cream into all of the sections of the basketball. Allow this cream to soak into the leather and dry. Once it has dried add another coat and, if necessary, another coat of leather protection cream after that.

Step 2

Examine the old basketball for any kind of punctures. Add ball repair liquid to these divots with a syringe; the syringe should be included with the ball repair liquid product. Press down the plunger on the syringe and fill these punctures or divots with the liquid, allowing it to dry and expand.

Step 3

Pump up the ball to full pressure and listen for any air that may be leaking out. Feel the leather and decide if it is still dry and needs more leather protection cream. Add more ball repair liquid and leather repair cream as needed.

Step 4

With the basketball fully inflated, use a strong adhesive like Krazy Glue to reattach any loose rubber strips in between leather sections of the basketball. Only do this when the ball is fully inflated and dry.

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