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How to Reduce Cellulite on Thighs

By Contributor ; Updated April 17, 2017

One of the hardest places to reduce cellulite is on the thighs. While there isn't necessarily a quick fix to get rid of cellulite anywhere, exercise can lead to a noticeable reduction of cellulite on the thighs.

Start walking, jogging or running. To get rid of cellulite, you must bump up the intensity of your workout. If you're not working out, start walking. If you're walking, start jogging. Increasing the intensity of your cardio regime can help set the foundation for both weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Add an uphill component to your routine. Walking stairs, or using a commercial stairclimber, can also help tone the muscles in the thighs and help get rid of cellulite.

Build muscle to blast cellulite. Hamstring curls strengthen the backs of the thighs where cellulite usually resides. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Lift one leg and bend one heel up toward your backside. Lower the leg and repeat with the other leg.

Do squats to minimize cellulite. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend at the knees. Go as low as you can.

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