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What Is a Rebounder Exercise?

By Leslie Lane

Rebounder exercise is a type of workout that is not new, but is increasingly popular. Rebounders are mini-trampolines. You have seen them, and maybe you've been tempted to try one out. Rebounder exercise can be a productive part of your fitness regimen, as it adds variety to your routines.

The Rebounder

Rebounders are mini-trampolines that are built for fitness purposes. They range in diameter from 38 to 44 inches, and are built on frames with legs that stand between 10 and 14 inches off the floor. The rebounder mat is connected to the frame with springs, and sometimes bungee cords in addition to the springs. Most brands of rebounders have folding legs or frames for convenient portability and storage. A mini-trampoline will weigh between 25 and 35 lbs. This makes them convenient for a home gym because of their small size and easy storage.

Rebounder Exercise

Rebounder exercise is a therapeutic form of exercise that increases your heart rate and deepens breathing, while involving every part of your body. It is sometimes referred to as cellular exercise because of its reported benefits at the cellular level.

Types of Rebounder Exercise

Rebounder exercises are easy. The health bounce is the easiest exercise, and is used for warming up and cooling down. It can also be used as an easy workout. To do this exercise, simply bounce gently up and down on the rebounder. Your body will benefit as your heart rate increases, calories are burned and you take in more oxygen through heavier breathing. Beyond the health bounce, you can walk and jog on your mini-trampoline, add twists and increase your workload by using light hand-held weights. Before you try anything advanced, spend a few exercise sessions doing the health bounce to gain your balance on the rebounder and to get your body accustomed to rebounding.


The benefits of rebounding exercise can include weight loss, increased muscle mass, increased immunity, better digestion, lower cholesterol and improved resistance to heart disease. Rebounding for fitness is also reported to increase lymph flow. This is considered an important health benefit to using a mini-trampoline because lymph is the fluid that cleanses the body's cells.

What to Look for in a Rebounder

When purchasing a rebounder there are four basic things you should look for. These are a sturdy frame; springs that are hefty and barrel-shaped, and that are attached to the frame with metal pins; a mat that is made from weather-, tear- and stretch-resistant material; and that provides a soft, yet firm bounce; and a warranty that covers all parts of the rebounder for anything above and beyond normal wear and tear.

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