What Are the Qualities of a Good Leader in Sports?

By Robert Godard

When you are chosen to a lead a sports team, a lot of responsibility will fall to you. You will have to ensure that your team works as hard as they can, that their morale is up and that they work together. There are certain qualities that a good leader will have no matter what the sport.


First and foremost, a leader must be confident not only in himself, but in his team. This helps when a leader must lead by example, as others will see that you are confident and follow suit. Confident leaders are also vocal leaders, and can rally their team to high spirits whenever necessary.


An inspiring leader will help a team to focus on their goal. This means sitting down the team before games and practices and reminding them that they can achieve their goals and that they are a worthy opponent. However, an inspiring leader does not just use words, she comes out on to the field and tries her hardest, no matter what.


A good leader does not cheat or bend the rules, but is committed to the team no matter what. Integrity is important in all facets of life and leaders must show that they value others as well as themselves, and encourage other members of the team to do their best.

Clear Vision

A good leader will know exactly what he wants from his team and communicate it to them clearly. This also includes settling any disputes between teammates about what direction the team should take, or what strategy they should use. A good leader will use diagrams and visuals to help a team learn what they are doing.

Helpful and Aware

A good leader is aware of what her teammates want from her, and helps them whenever they need. These go hand in hand because only when a leader is able to understand what her teammates are about can she properly help them. A good leader helps without expecting reward, though a team is more likely to be cohesive with a helpful leader.


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