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How to Qualify as an Olympic Contender

By Contributor

Many children have a dream to one day represent their country as an Olympic contender. The reality is that few will actually see their dreams come true. Athletes must be top-class to qualify for the Olympics, leaving the rest of the world to be spectators. If you want to be among that special few that contend for Olympic medals, try following these steps.

Choose a sport to focus on. Qualifying as an Olympic contender is difficult. Most Olympic level athletes have a sport they excel in that they choose to compete in.

Get a personal coach. Training for the Olympics requires the expertise of a coach. Find one that has a good coaching record, is respected by athletes, and whose priorities match the goals to be accomplished.

Learn true devotion. In order to qualify for the Olympics, an athlete has to be the best of the best. Practicing is the only way to attain this perfection. It is common for an Olympic contender to be a full-time athlete, practicing several hours every day.

Compete at elite events. These give athletes the chance to get used to high-profile events, and allow them to network with other athletes and coaches. It is also a great way to assess skill levels compared to other top contenders.

Try out for the Olympic squad. The final step in making Olympic dreams come true is at the Olympic trials. Every sport has a competition where they pick the top athletes to represent the country. Competing--and winning--is the only way to get to the Olympics as a contender.

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