How to Put Together a Body Tech II Home Gym

By Darrin Meyer

The Body Tech II is a piece of home fitness equipment created and marketed by a company called Formula Ventures. It is only available as a second-hand item, so assembling it can be a bit of a puzzle if you did not hang onto the instruction manual. If you still have all the pieces, and enough room, get it up and running and get back into shape without paying expensive gym fees.

Step 1

Set the main base frame flat on the floor and press endcaps onto the open ends of the legs. Place endcaps onto the VKR -- vertical knee raise -- base as well, and attach that piece and the leg press connector base to the main base frame. Attach the front and rear upright beams to the base.

Step 2

Place two rubber donuts over the left and right side holes in the VKR side of the base. Insert weight guide tubes through the donuts into the holes. Slide 14 10-pound weight plates down the tubes with the selection pin hole side facing out. Slide the 14-pin select rod assembly down the tubes on top of the weights, inserting its center post down through the center holes, with its pin hole side also facing out. Repeat the process for the leg press weight stack, using two rubber donuts for both the left and right holes, 19 10-pound plates and the 19-pin assembly.

Step 3

Insert endcaps into each end of the top beam. Line the four weight guide tubes up with the holders connected to the top beam, and attach the beam to the front and rear uprights. Take the VKR upright beam and line the two holes in its top end up with the holes in the top beam above the weight stack. Bolt the upright to the beam and bolt the bottom of the upright to the base. Repeat this process for the leg press upright beam, which is the one with a cable pass-through hole at its base.

Step 4

Assemble the remainder of the VKR station, which includes the foot and knee support bars, their foam tube coverings and the seat and back supports. Assemble the LP -- leg press -- station, by attaching its back base to the main frame, attaching its lateral base and parallel bar to the back base, and the foot plate and its base to the lateral base and parallel bars.

Step 5

Bolt the upright bench press bar to the end of the top beam overlooking the back support of the VKR station, and attach the abdominal leg lift support station -- U-shaped beam with back support, arm grips and pads -- to the upright that is opposite the LP station.

Step 6

Attach the various pulley assemblies to the positions on the uprights reserved for them; look for the remaining holes in the uprights and top beam. Thread the supplied cables through the network of pulleys to connect the moving parts of the weight stations -- VKR, bench press and leg press -- to the weights. Slide the eyelet at each end of the cables into their terminal points and bolt the cables to secure them. Adjust the pulleys to create tension in the cables and tighten the bolts to keep them in those positions.


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