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How to Put on 7 Pad Football Pants

By Denise Sullivan

Seven-pad football pants include knee, thigh, hip and rear pads to protect a player's lower body from impact. The pads consist of thick foam covered in flexible plastic. The pants have pockets sewn into them to hold each pad in the proper location.

Locate the pocket in the knee of one pant leg. Insert one of the knee pads, pushing it all the way down into the pocket. Repeat for the other pant leg.

Find the thigh pad pocket in one pant leg. The thigh pad pocket will be above the knee pad you just inserted into the pants. Insert one of the thigh pads into the thigh pocket and push it down all the way so it will not shift around when you run. Repeat for the other pant leg.

Insert one hip pad in the hip pocket on the side of the football pants. Be sure the pad is pushed down as far as it will go. The hip pad will stick up above the waistline of the pants so it can protect the hip area from impact.

Find the pocket in the back of the waistline. Insert the rear pad and push it down to the bottom of the pocket. Like the hip pads, it will stick up above the waistline to protect the tailbone and spinal cord.

Put on the football pants and recheck the pads to be sure they did not shift while you were pulling up the pants.

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