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How to Put on an Oakley Visor

By James B. Jones

Visors are becoming more popular in ice hockey. Many leagues have rules that require some form of visor, whether it covers the whole face or only the area around the eyes. Installing these visors on your helmet is as easy as tightening a few screws; taking 5 minutes to do so can save you from a potentially gruesome injury.

Set the helmet down on a flat surface, such as a table. Any area where the helmet won't slide will suffice.

Position the Oakley visor over the helmet so that the side slots are aligned with the holes on the side of the helmet.

Hold the visor still with one hand and slide a screw into the helmet hole with the other. Once the screw is in far enough that it will not fall out, tighten it slightly with your screwdriver. Repeat this for a single screw on the other side.

Place the helmet on your head and carefully adjust the visor so that it sits comfortably in front of your face. Once you have a preferred distance, take the helmet off and tighten the two screws already in the helmet.

Insert and tighten the other two screws into the helmet to complete the visor installation.

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