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How to Put a Motorcycle on Its Center Stand

By Justin Wash

Many people complain about the difficulty of putting a motorcycle on its center stand. For most, the complaint is similar to "but it's just so heavy." Fortunately, to put a motorcycle on its center stand does not take brute strength, because when it's done correctly, it does not involve any lifting at all. Putting your motorcycle on its center stand is actually quite easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Put the motorcycle in neutral. Some people claim it is just as easy to move a motorcycle with the clutch held in as it is in neutral. But for some motorcycles this is not the case, as many do not completely separate the clutch from the drive plate. Putting your bike in neutral effectively avoids this problem entirely, and also makes it easier to take it down from the stand when you're ready to ride.

Put the ball of your foot on the center stand lever, and push until both sides of the stand are touching the ground. This is to make sure that the motorcycle is not leaning to one side. It's much easier to check now than to pick up a fallen bike.

Grab the rear of the bike. If you have a sissy-bar behind the seat, that will do just fine. If not, a solid fender grab will work. Just be sure whatever you're holding onto won't fall off when you pull backward on it.

Guide the bike onto the stand. Do not lift your motorcycle. A 400 lb. motorcycle is a very heavy object. Instead, place all of your body weight on the stand lever, and pull backward on the bike, not up. If done correctly, your body weight will lift the bike backward onto the stand without needing to lift with your arms.

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