How to Put on My McDavid Cowboy Collar

By Kali Cozyris

The McDavid Cowboy Collar is a piece of sports equipment used by amateur and professional football players. It combines a cervical collar with a padded vest and protects the player from "burner" injuries. The McDavid Cowboy Collar absorbs the shock of impact by employing the back and sides of the helmet, unlike regular neck rolls that simply utilize the bottom of the helmet. The collar portion of the McDavid Cowboy Collar prevents the "snap back" motion of the neck. It is important to put the collar on correctly to ensure proper protection.

Put on a clean undershirt. Always wear an undershirt beneath your McDavid Cowboy Collar. This prevents sweat from causing your cowboy collar to rub against your skin and irritate it.

Put your McDavid Cowboy Collar on over your undershirt. Put the cowboy collar over your head, slip your head through the opening and pull your cowboy collar down into place on your shoulders with the padded vest in the front, so that it covers your chest.

Tighten the strings on your cowboy collar vest by tugging on them until the vest is comfortably, yet tightly secured around your chest.

Put your shoulder pads on over your cowboy collar. The McDavid Cowboy Collar has a spring load feature so it fits into your shoulder pads and stays put during play.

Wear your football jersey over your McDavid Cowboy Collar. Some players prefer to tuck their jerseys into the cowboy collar, but this is optional.


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