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How to Put on a Cup for Football

By Steve Silverman

A protective cup is an essential piece of equipment for any football player. It certainly is at the Pop Warner youth level and the high school level. The cup slips into a sleeve in the jock strap and protects the male reproductive organs from taking unnecessary punishment during a football game.

Strip your clothes off so that you are down to your underwear. Slip on an athletic supporter (often referred to as a jock strap) and pull it tight.

Place the cup in the opening at the top of the supporter. The cup is a hard shell of plastic. The cup needs to be big enough to hold your penis and testicles. If it is not big enough, you can damage your reproductive organs.

Snap closed the opening at the top of the athletic supporter. By securing the cup, it will not slip out of place and will be able to provide the protection it was designed to provide. Adjust the supporter and cup so they are as comfortable as possible. Many football players find the cup to to be uncomfortable. Still, it is recommended, often required, that a cup be worn during a game and all contact drills.

Put on the rest of your padding and uniform. Football players wear shoulder pads, thigh pads and hip pads, in addition to a protective cup. Many also wear knee pads, elbow pads and padding for the rib cage. As you put on each level of protection and then your uniform, adjust the protective cup so it remains in an effective position to protect you.

Run through a practice session to get used to the protective cup. It may never be a comfortable piece of equipment, but eventually most players get used to wearing it.

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