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How to Punch Through a Board

By braniac

The karate chop became the most famous of board-breaking strikes through exposure through the media including James Bond films. However, there are other martial arts strikes which are used to break boards. The karate punch is one of them.

Learn Technique Before you go about punching boards, you must learn proper form. The risk in punching comes from your fingers getting in the way or your wrist buckling. You must hold your wrist straight and keep your fingers properly tucked.

Straight Fist You will be striking with the knuckles of the index and middle fingers. These are the strongest and biggest knuckles. They also provide a straight line from the straight wrist, producing a complete link of power from your shoulder. The karate punch with the most poser for breaking wood is performed straight. Keep the surface of your fist as flat as possible mirroring the surface of the wood.

Punching Practice Many martial arts practitioners perfect their form by striking a Makiwara board, or padded striking board. This prepares your muscles and ligaments for impact. It also produces calluses on the knuckles. Finally, repetition of this motion provides muscle memory for you to react in an instant.

Select the Proper Wood Board Pine boards 12" in diagonal and 1/2" thick are preferred. For punching, make sure the wood grain runs up down.

Punch Past the Wood Don't think of pulling your punch at the surface of the wood or you won't break through. Punch through the board, ending your punch beyond it. Experts can break more than one board at a time.

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