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What Is a PSG Horse?

By Amy Swanton Mills

If you've been horse shopping, you've come across the acronym "PSG" in the title or description of a horse-for-sale listing. Unless you are a dressage enthusiast, you've probably wondered what this terms means.


PSG stands for "Prix St. George." A horse described as a PSG horse is trained to the level of Prix St. George in the equestrian sport of dressage. Prix St. George is the lowest of the dressage levels recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale, or FEI; the subsequent levels being Intermediare, Intermediare II and the most difficult level, Grand Prix.


Dressage is a French term that means "training." Dressage was practiced in the past by military and royal training schools for horses and riders, but is now enjoyed by civilians all around the world.


In the United States there are several levels below Prix St. George that horses compete in, beginning at training level and ending at fourth level, which is the level just below Prix St. George.


A horse trained to the level of Prix St. George will execute more difficult movements than those at the lower levels and show greater ability to show different tempos and degrees of collection in the gaits of walk, trot and canter.

Fun Fact

Horses must be at least 7 years of age to compete at the level of Prix St. George in dressage.

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