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PSE Nova Specifications

By Daniel Moverley

The PSE, or Precision Shooting Equipment, company makes a variety of compound bows and accessories for archery enthusiasts everywhere. PSE has been in business since 1970 and has since become the largest privately owned archery products manufacturing company. The Nova is one of PSE's lines of compound bows, but there are a number of different Nova models available. Almost every year, a newer version of the most popular models are released with upgrades to the original design. The Nova series was introduced in 1997 and has been a top choice as a starter bow with every year and every upgrade.

2002 PSE Nova Vector 5

The 2002 PSE Nova Vector 5 bow is very lightweight, weighing only 3.6 lbs. This bow comes with a brace height of 7.25 inches and an axle-to-axle length of 39 inches, which is among the longest in the PSE Nova series. This bow has a draw weight range of 40 lbs. to 70 lbs. and a draw length range of 26 inches to 30 inches. These give the 2002 PSE Nova Vector 5 an International Bowhunters Organization speed of 275 feet per second. This bow also has a let-off of 65 percent.

2007 PSE Nova Synergy

The 2007 Nova Synergy has two cams that are adjustable, with an axle-to-axle length at 35.625 inches. This bow is often used as a starter bow because it weighs only 3.8 lbs. and has a brace height of 7.75 inches. The draw length for the 2007 Nova Synergy ranges from 26 inches to 31 inches, and the draw weight ranges from 50 lbs. to 70 lbs. This bow allows for a 70 percent let-off, assisting younger and less experienced archers. The draw weight and length work to give an IBO speed range of 290 feet per second to 298 feet per second.

2010 PSE Nova NI Bow

This bow weighs only 3.9 lbs., which makes it easy to handle, and its length from axle to axle is 33.25 inches. The brace height, which is the distance from the center of the grip to the relaxed drawstring, is 7.625 inches. The 2010 PSE Nova NI has a draw weight range of 40 lbs. to 70 lbs., a let-off of approximately 65 percent and a draw length range of 25 inches to 30 inches. These combine to give an IBO speed of between 295 feet per second and 303 feet per second.

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