Pro Wrestling Camps for Kids

By Scott Cornell

Professional wrestling is a form of sports entertainment that combines combat fighting with character flair. Although it's often branded as "a soap opera for men," professional wrestling also captures the attention of children. Several pro wrestling camps are offered for children who want to get an early taste of what it's like to be a professional wrestler.

Ric Drasin Pro Wrestling

Ric Drasin Pro Wrestling offers a wrestling camp for children 10 and older. The camp shows kids the proper way to learn several wrestling moves without hurting themselves or others. Classes are taught in a 16-foot ring. Children learn everything from how to cut promos for TV to basic takedowns, holds and falls. Pricing and availability are available upon request.

Ric Drasin Pro Wrestling


Satino Bros. Wrestling

The Satino Brothers Pro Wrestling School offers youth training opportunities. In addition to instruction on pro wrestling, the youth curriculum is also designed to teach confidence, discipline and responsibility. The program is for children ages 10 and up. Participants must have medical clearance and proof of medical insurance before participating.

Satino Bros. Wrestling

5640 Shull St. Unit S

Bell Gardens, CA. 90201


Ken Chertow Wrestling

Although many pro wrestling camps are still only offered to adults, children interested in pro wrestling can still benefit by attending a traditional wrestling camp. Ken Chertow Wrestling camps offer fall, winter and spring camps that teach traditional takedowns and pins. Camps are intended for all ages and skill levels and are held in 20 states throughout the U.S.

Ken Chertow Wrestling

P.O. Box 120

Boalsburg, PA 16827


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