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How to Prepare for a First Bungee Jump

By Contributor

OK, you think you're an adrenaline junkie. And, you've decided that you think bungee jumping would be fun. But, not everyone knows much about this extreme sport. There are some basics that you need to take care of before your first bungee jump. But, it's really easy to get geared up and prepared for a first bungee jump. Read on to learn more.

Search online for bungee jumping discussion forums or blogs. To truly learn what the experience is going to be like, contact others. And, it won't be the experts who can best tell you what it's going to be like. Choose others like you who have done it for fun for real-world advice.

Watch a video about bungee jumping. This will show you a visual of what it's like so you can better envision the experience.

Locate reputable bungee jumping establishments. These are often in resort areas near large amusement or theme parks. Check out the company's background and their level expertise before choosing to make your jump.

Listen carefully to their instructions. Often, they quickly go over the rules, what it's going to feel like and any tips they offer for your jump. Ask questions. Know what it is that you're doing, so you can feel comfortable and confident about the jump.

Examine your equipment. Sometimes, experts do this so routinely. They don't regularly check the equipment. More than likely, the equipment is fine. But, after checking it yourself, you'll have confidence in it that will make your jump much more fun.

Relax! If you're tense, your jump won't be much fun. Take deep breaths. Envision the experience in your head. And, then let go!

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