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Power Plate Exercises

By Kimberlee Leonard

A Power Plate is an exercise machine that vibrates at a very high speed. Using a Power Plate when working out, you can increase the efficiency of your workout. By using it for 10 minutes a day three times a week, not only will you increase weight loss and increase muscle mass, you will also increase bone density by forcing the muscles to contract 30 to 50 times per second.

Basic Exercises

Turning the machine on and standing with your knees bent is a basic stance. This is a much more intense motion than simply standing on a balance board. The Power Plate engages all the muscles in your legs. But you can do so much more on the Power Plate than just standing. You can do squats while standing on the machine. Lunges can be done with your knee on the machine while lunging forward with your other leg or you can step onto the machine with your lunging knee behind you on the floor. Do push-ups with your hands on the plate for a more effective chest workout. Alternate with you toes on the plate to force your legs to maintain balance while you press down.

Cardio Workout

The Power Plate machine is much more effective for cardio workouts that the original concept of a waist band gyrator used in old-fashioned "fat farms." The machine comes with a grip bar to hold while walking or jogging in place. Instead of a stair stepping machine, use the Power Plate as a stepper by stepping up and down. The great thing is you don't need to increase speed on the Power Plate, you simply need to keep going to increase caloric burn and weight loss.

Abdominal Workout

The Power Plate is a great machine to improve any abdominal workout. You can place your legs on the plate while doing sit ups from the ground. You an also balance on the plate and do a series of jackknife moves, bicycles and crunches. If you are not able to do a complete workout on the Power Plate, start with balancing on your buttocks. This move along will force all your midsection muscles to contract more than 30 times per minute and give you a stronger abdominal section without hours of crunches. When you are able to do more exercises on the plate, focus on form to do them right. Less is better as long as the form is correct.

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