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How to Polish Bowling Balls

By Greyson Ferguson

Bowling is a fun activity that individuals of all skill levels enjoy taking part in, from the person who only bowls a few times a year to someone to plays at the professional level. No matter what your skill set is you may want to think about polishing your ball the next time you play. This reduces the drag the ball has on the floor, allowing it to travel faster and smoother down the lane line.

Sit on the floor or set the ball down onto a table, making sure a cloth or rag is underneath it. You do not want to polish the ball while holding it. This can rub the polish off onto your clothing.

Pour some bowling ball polish onto a rag and rub the polish onto the ball. Move your hand in a circular motion, as if you are washing a plate.

Coat the entire bowling ball with the polish. If any one spot does not have polish applied to it, the roll of the ball may be effected.

Allow the ball time to dry. It does not take terribly long and you can do it a few minutes before beginning to bowl your set.

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