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How to Play Wiffle Ball

By Contributor

Wiffle ball is the toned down family-fun version of the greatest American pastime: baseball. It is played with a plastic bat and what is referred to as a wiffle ball. The wiffle ball takes the place of the baseball and is made of white plastic. It is hollow and resembles Swiss cheese with holes to make it fly through the air slowly. Here's how to play wiffle ball.

Divide the players into 2 equal teams. 9 players a team is the traditional standard, but it can be played effectively with far fewer.

Decide which team will take the offensive first. The offensive team will be batting and running the bases, while the defensive team will be pitching and trying to tag the offense with the ball.

Pitch the ball if you're on defense. Pitching a wiffle ball will take some getting used to because of the way a wiffle ball moves through the air. Once the batter hits the wiffle ball, you'll want to try to tag them with the ball to get an "out." When you get 3 outs, switch to offense.

Bat the ball pitched to you if you're on offense. You want to advance around the bases without being tagged by the ball.

Switch places every 3 outs. Play for 9 innings where an inning equates to each team being at bat once.

Score by completing a lap around all 4 bases while on offense. This gives your team 1 point and is referred to as a "run." The team with the most runs at the end of the game will be dubbed the winner.

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