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How to Play Shortstop in Softball

By Contributor

Shortstop can be a hectic position on the infield lineup. The shortstop has to be good at fielding balls and getting them off to their destinations fast, while also deciding when to help cover other positions on the infield. An eight-armed shortstop wouldn't hurt.

Charge at slow-rolling balls instead of waiting for them to come to you. Practice this technique with your throwing hand, because not having to pull the ball out of the glove will save you time.

Be prepared to jump and knock down hits, so that they don't make it to the outfield. The position between second and third can see a lot of action, given that most hitters are right-handed. You can save valuable time on a play if you can knock the ball down.

Be ready to shift positions. If the ball is hit to right field or right-center, the second baseman will go out to assist in fielding the ball, and the shortstop will cover the base. If the ball is hit to left field or left-center, the shortstop will go out, and the second baseman will stay to make the base play.

Call fly balls so that your area doesn't become congested with other infielders trying to help.

Throw balls fast to make the play. "Shortstops must have tremendous arms and great gloves for everything that comes their way," says Ray VanderMay, women's softball coach at Seton Hall University.

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