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How to Play Powder Puff Football

By Kim Nunley

Powder puff is a term used to describe the flag or "two-hand touch" versions of football that are most commonly played by girls in junior high, high school and college. While there are no official rules, there are some common set standards associated with powder puff.

No Tackling Allowed

Although it's similar in many ways to traditional football, there’s no tackling in powder puff. Instead of taking a player to the ground for a tackle, you rip off one of the colored flags hanging from your opponent’s waist. If there are no flags, the rules will require a defensive player to touch the player with the ball with both hands in order to stop the play.

Periods and Scoring

Powder puff games often consist of two 20-minute periods, though they can be longer or shorter. A touchdown is worth six points and an extra point kick, which is taken from the 5-yard line, is worth two points. A safety is worth two points, and there generally are no field goals. A team has four downs to score or get a first down, which requires covering 20 yards

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